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Harvest Town Mod APK v2.7.0 (Mod Menu, God Mode, Unlimited Energy) Download

Become an industrious and hardworking farmer in Harvest Town MOD APK. Plant trees, harvest crops, experience the exciting rural life, and more.


Harvest Town is a game released by the producer This is a unique pixel style farm RPG game. With the simulation business style with high freedom, combining many RPG elements, Harvest Town has earned more than 1 million installs on the Google Play app store.


The story in Harvest Town really fascinated me. It’s like a short movie. The story begins with the protagonist reminiscing himself as a young man living on a farm. But because to develop his career, he went to the city to find a job. Life in the bustling city made him work hard and by the time he stopped, he was old. What do I think, if I choose to stay at home that year? And then, the main character falls asleep and wakes up in a young form. He opened his eyes and found his farm was the same as ever. And the main character continues a new life at his beloved farm.


Harvest Town is a farm game, so your job here is no different from other games. Your daily tasks are growing farm produce, raising and caring for livestock and poultry, cleaning, and decorating old houses. In addition, you can also explore the town and make friends with other NPC characters.


Starting the game, you will see in the left corner of the screen there is a blue and red bar. The green bar is displayed for the health points. Every day, your character will have to do a lot of work such as farming, hunting, gathering, etc. and they will consume energy. So, make sure your character is rested to avoid exhaustion. And the red bar represents health. This bar will decrease if you engage in battles and get injured. Come home and rest to restore the health bar.


In addition to farming and raising livestock, you must build more functional buildings to help develop life on the farm. In addition, there are many different buildings in town where you can interact with other NPC characters. Take the carpenter building, for example, where you can meet Steve Lopez and ask him to build and repair buildings. Or buy more plant seeds in the grocery store.


As you progress, you need to have better equipment to help your farm grow faster. Upgrade tools such as axes, sickles, hoes, shovels to cut trees, cut stones, silver ore,… To do that, you will find Smith and ask him to forge your tools.

Completion of main quests, orders, construction, and repair of functional buildings will help you earn extra prosperity points. Prosperity points will help you upgrade the manor.


Harvest Town features free-flowing gameplay and retro graphics reminiscent of the classic Stardew Valley game. This game has an impressive storyline, classic 2D graphics with cute characters, and a large map. Certainly, what Harvest Town MOD APK brings will not make players feel disappointed.

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